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Side One

First EP by the Spencer Zweifel Trio

"Side One" is the first recording project by the Spencer Zweifel Trio. Recorded in early 2017 at UNC Studios, it features Spencer's original arrangements and compositions, as well as phenomenal playing by Ryan Black on bass and Ryan Leppich on drums.

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  • It's You
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  • Spencer Zweifel Trio
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  • That Time
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  • Spencer Zweifel Trio
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Spencer Zweifel began playing piano at a young age, and started to really pursue it after being inspired by his musical family. Growing up in Fort Collins, CO, Spencer had the opportunity to become part of the area music scene early in life. Learning from and being inspired by great area players like Mark Sloniker and Ben Markley, Spencer formed his first jazz quartet at age 16, which played frequently in the Fort Collins area. Since then he has performed  with The Colorado Swing Big Band, The Ace Gillett's Subterraneans, The Bryce Merritt band, and extensively as a jazz pianist along the northern Colorado front range from Denver to Fort Collins. Spencer is currently pursuing a  degree in jazz studies at the University of Northern Colorado. At UNC, Spencer is thankful to be part of an award-winning jazz program that pushes him further every day. Studying with Dana Landry, Spencer is a jazz composer, arranger and performer, and can be heard frequently at Ace Gillett's in Fort Collins.




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